Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lesson 38: Freedom From Life’s Worries

Brief 4-to-5 Minute Teaching Lesson

Why? and What is the Purpose? in My Life SERIES

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Lesson 38 of the Discipleship Making process.

I left you last time with this question, “Why do you worry?”

Read: Luke 12:21-31, Matthew 6:24-34

He begins the lesson by telling a parable of “A Certain Rich Man And His Good Crop”: Luke 12:16-21.

It is evident from the parable that men make choices. They either choose to serve God or themselves. Jesus put it another way: Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13.

Having begun the lesson with the sobering thought that men can choose one of two masters to serve, Jesus reassures the disciples that they are serving God. He does this by issuing them a commandment: Matthew 6:25. In other words, “Since I have called you friends and you are following Me; you need not worry (don’t be anxious – take no thought of – do not be distracted) about food and clothing because God will provide them for you.”

The concept that God provides for the people who follow Him was not a new one for the disciples. Their ancestors left Egypt following Moses and during the forty years of wandering in the wilderness they never lacked food or clothing. Also the Levites who served as the priesthood in Israel were not required to work but God provided for them through the sacrifices and freewill offerings of the people.

Many years later the Apostle Peter would make reference to this special covenant relationship that Christians have with God: 1 Peter 2:9.

As Jesus continues the lesson He provides additional assurance to the disciples when He tells them to, “Consider the ravens.”
  • They neither sow nor reap . . . they cannot make their own food.
  • They have no storeroom nor barn . . . they can’t hoard any food they find.
  • And yet God feeds them . . . even though they are unclean animals (Job 38:41).
  • Ravens have to trust God for their daily provision (Lamentations 3:22-23).
  • And remember God even used ravens, unclean birds (they and their food are non kosher – ex. 1 Kings 17:1-9)
Moving to His next point Jesus tells the disciples to, “Consider the lilies.”
  • How they grow . . . they allow God to supply the seed, the nutrients in the soil, the sunshine and the rain.
  • They neither toil nor spin . . . they don’t make clothes for themselves.
  • They are beautiful . . . yet even the finest clothes that people can make for themselves are not as beautiful.
  • The lilies trust God for their daily provision (Lamentations 3:24-25).
  • And remember it was God who cared enough about Adam and Eve, even when they sinned, to clothe them.
As Jesus begins to draw the lesson to a close He reminds the disciples again not to be anxious about necessary things like food, water and clothing. God will provide for them if they merely seek to establish His rule in their lives. Then to this He adds, that the disciples should give no thought for tomorrow because like manna His blessings are new each day. And how by being anxious or worry can anyone expect to increase his lifespan?

The point of the lesson is God will take care of your needs.

With that, allow me to leave you with these two questions to consider, along with a little homework assignment until my next posting:
  • Are you a servant of God?
  • Do you believe that God will provide the necessities of life for you?
. . . and the homework assignment . . .

Read: Psalm 103

It is incumbent upon every Christian that he understands The Story of the Israelites Who Came Out of Egypt because it parallels the life of all Christians (1 Corinthians 10:11).

Until next time . . . Godspeed!

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